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Review: Devilskin – Be Like The River.

Devilskin released their new album early this month, Be Like The River. A band who caught my attention with their recent video for one of the highlights of the album, Pray, this band are huge in their homeland of New Zealand and listening to this it’s not surprising. You can find the video for Pray here.

This band really do have a great energy and it shows on this record, with a rhythm section that works together on this album. The drumwork gives these tracks a great bounce and combined with the riffs this album is brought to life.This band work incredibly well together and it shows on every track. The band have great timing, tracks such as Voices really make this clear, the guitarists create some great instrumentals on songs such as Bury Me, the band working together to create some excellent melodies.

Skulander’s vocals are awesome. A raw and powerful female vocal that powers throughout this record, she delivers on every track and with writing like this, this band have an amazing combination. There are some great choruses on this record, but this band really bring some fierce and dominating tracks that are packed with venom that works so well with the music on this record, songs like House 13 are good examples with that hook that pulls you in – live this is going to sound so good.

Devilskin certainly make it clear on Be Like The River what they are capable of and I think it is greatness. This band work so well together throughout this album and it is clear why this band are such a big deal. Highlights for me are House 13, Pray and In Black is such a great rock track to open this record and one of my favourites on the record. If you like Halestorm this is the band for you, if you like great rock music, this is the album for you too.



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