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Review: Pessimist, Columbus, Like Pacific and Roam – Epic Studios, Norwich 22/11/2016.

 Last night Epic Studios hosted Roam’s headlining tour across the UK, with support from Like Pacific and Columbus, the local support being Pessimist.This tour is well crafted with a bunch of bands that sound great together with support that considering it was their first show, really delivered.

Pessimist opened the show well, with a sort of Man Overboard vibe that really works for them. The band have some great songs such as Coffee and eponymous track The Perfect Thing, which is the name of their debut EP. If their live show is to go by, you need to hear this record (and you can, here). You definitely couldn’t tell this band were playing live for the first time, see them when you can.

Columbus are one of many great pop punk bands coming out of Australia right now, up there with bands such as Trophy Eyes and With Confidence, and the talent from the country is certainly not slowing down, Columbus make that clear. A band with some huge tracks such as Toss And Turn and Replace Me, this band combine a chorus you can pick up with ease with an energy that makes for a great live show, the band bring their alt-rock emo sound perfectly here.

Next up was Like Pacific, who are a band who certainly make a great impression. A band who have a real connection to their lyrics, it does resonate with you and I feel that is an incredibly rare thing to do – the small venue was a perfect place to play a set like theirs, particularly on tracks such as 22A – a song particularly personal to Black and Assisted Breathing, which were some of the highlights of their short set.

Roam are a band who can take a live show to another level and that was made very clear last night. Alex Costello is a phenomenal lead singer and that really showed as he jumped around the stage and really brought his vocals, even though the band felt under the weather. Roam are a band forming some great setlists that include some real choruses and some real energy which makes it such a great watch and listen. Songs such as Tracks sound as good as Deadweight even in their difference and it makes worth going to see, I’m not sure live who you could compare this band to as they are such a force to be reckoned with.

A great selection of bands, go see this if you can – Roam headline in London at The Underworld on the 24th, it’s a can’t miss show if you like your pop punk, a bit more punk.



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