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Review: Former Self – Old Notes.

Old Notes released their new record in August, Former Self. The band who hail from California describe themselves as ‘sad dudes with rad tunes’ and they are, I think, pretty much right. You can listen to Old Notes’ record through Bandcamp here.

A band with a real talent with melodies throughout the record, blending different sounds that work with the emotional content of this band’s lyrics from the beginning. Songs such as Masculine certainly make this clear with strong guitar melodies that remind me of bands such as Seahaven combined with the great drumwork that gives these tracks energy.

The lyricism is excellent on these tracks combined with the melodies the band consistently change up. One of my favourite tracks Father’s House has a great bounce to it combined with lyricism that tells a real story – this band create genuine songs and on tracks such as this that is made so clear.

Former Self is a great record from the band who really show what they can do on this record, making songs that really push them into creating different melodies and sounds that work incredibly together. There are many highlights about this record, but for me Father’s House and Hillside stand out – Emo and Math Rock stylings really make this record interesting and it’s so worth a listen if that’s your thing.



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