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Review: Oriental Sunshine – Dedicated To The Birds We Love.

Oriental Sunshine re-release their album on deluxe vinyl Dedicated To The Birds We Love this Friday, the band releasing this originally in 1970. A band who create a unique sound with blends of Psychedelia and Folk, the new album certainly is something that stands out, the band pioneering this sound and creating some interesting music.

The melodies are incredible from the start of the record, with stunning guitar work on songs such as Mother Nature that Johansen harmonises beautifully with and then the more upbeat grooves combined with pipes and I think Sitar on tracks such as Look At Me, that truly do make for an incredible listen and it continues throughout this album. This is a band that works remarkably together, creating something great.

The vocals of Johansen are captivating on this record, she has such a clear and stunning voice that really does work throughout these songs and blend together with the male vocals with ease on tracks such as Land Of Wisdom. The lyricism is simple in place but it works on this record, creating something captivating, the sounds the band make really taking centre stage throughout this album.

An album of its time, but a great exploration of different sounds and grooves, Oriental Sunshine created something special and if you like an escape to an idyllic peacefulness, this is the record for you as this band take you away with some brilliant music. An album deserving of more attention, it’s a real album that is worth so much more attention so long after its original release. Some of the stand out tracks to me on this record include Look At Me, My Way To Be Hurt and Land Of Wisdom.

You can find the reissue preorder page for the album here.



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