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Review: Taylor Noelle – Out Of My System.

tnTaylor Noelle released her new EP recently, Out Of My System. A musician beginning to make waves, Taylor Noelle creates some great pop tracks on her new record, which is no surprise looking at her influences, taking inspiration from HAIM and Adele. You can see a video now for Too Good here.

The vocals are so good throughout this record, with a voice that really does bring that emotion to the forefront of the record. Tracks such as I Fall make this so clear with a real delivery with a voice that makes it feel so genuine. The pace is picked up on tracks such as Won’t Waste My Time really displaying that range to her voice.

The melodies on this record work on this record so well and they work in perfect harmony with the vocals throughout. There are some beautiful love songs on this record such as Covers Me and I Fall and they showcase her vocals but the melodies that partner them really are some chilled out sounds that equally match her vocals on Out Of My System with ease.

Taylor Noelle has made such a great debut with a record that’s impossible to dislike. Great melodies and songs with some catchy choruses, Noelle is certainly someone who knows what sound she is trying to make and this is her debut! Highlights for me are Won’t Waste My Time and Too Good.



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