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Review: Excuses, Wallflower, Can’t Swim and Boston Manor – Epic Studios, Norwich – 29/11/2016.

Boston Manor returned to Norwich last night, with support from Wallflower and Can’t Swim, Excuses being the local support. The band finish almost three months of touring tomorrow night in London, and this is not a show you should miss.

Excuses took some time to really get started into their short set, but they truly made up for it in confidence, as they encourage the crowd to get into it – which I very rarely see from local support – and the crowd followed their lead. The band have some great original tracks but their cover of Shake It Off is something they have truly made their own.

Wallflower have a great way with melodies and that was perfectly on display tonight. A band that just got better and better, they have a great vocalist who really makes that emotion clear through the lyricism of the songs that makes them incredible to watch. The band do occupy the stage, the guitar riffs really sound brilliant and the melodies really bring an ethereal sound to their set.

Can’t Swim are a wonderful discovery for me. A band that gets straight to the point with punchy choruses and huge melodies, this band really are great to watch as they own the stage. Can’t Swim have a great set of songs, the band opening with Come Home and from then on you’re hooked, this band is a band you should definitely hear, live or on record. This band pack their set with energy and I enjoyed every second of it.

Boston Manor are always great to watch, the band live really command a stage and they definitely owned Epic’s stage tonight. A band with such a solid repertoire to fill their set, they played some older tracks mixed with new ones and it made for a great listen, wrapping up with Trapped Nerve to just make it clear this band want you to mosh, and mosh people did. Henry Cox is a great lead singer who is matched by his band in every way, and it makes for a great live show.

You will go to this show, think you’ve seen your new favourite band and then the next one will replace it, this tour is that good. 



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