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New Videos Out This Week!

A few videos that caught my eye this week!

  1. Light Up The Sky – Body Right – Currently on tour with Crown The Empire, Light Up The Sky release their latest video from their album. One of the best grooves on their album with a huge hook, Body Right is a great track from Nightlife – give it a listen now.
  2. Lilium – Disappear – The latest single from the band, the track is great combining their different styles into one song that builds as it goes on. The band use animation in the video to great effect and adds another dimension to the track which is unusual in a good way.
  3. COPE – Seasons Ending – Cope have a great debut record and they definitely have a great debut video too. The band rip through this track with raw screaming vocals and storming riffs that makes for a great track. The band have been gaining attention and listening to this you can hear why.
  4. Hypothora – Youth – Post-Hardcore outfit Hypothora released their new single this week through Easy Action Records and what a single it is. Rough riffs and vocals from Katie McConnell are a match made in heaven and if you like bands such as Allusondrugs, you’ll like this band.
  5. Sara Hartman – From The Other Side Of The World – Hartman’s EP is one of my favourites of 2016, and tracks such as this one are why. With stunning lyrics and some really lovely melodies for Hartmann’s unique vocal to work with, From The Other Side Of The World is unmissable.

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