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Review: Various Artists – Happy Holidays, I Miss You.

I try to avoid Christmas until December so now I can listen to InVogue Records recently released Christmas album featuring the talent of those on the label, including Chase Huglin, September Stories and Courage My Love. You can listen to the whole of the album now through InVogue’s bandcamp here now.

In Her Own Words opens the album with a great cover of Yule Shoot Your Eye Out by Fall Out Boy. The band change it up and give it the right attitude to really make this song their own. That rock tone continues with Convictions on this record, with some great screaming on this album, Memories In The Attic packs an emotional punch on this album and it works.

Most of these tracks keep it simple, with acoustic melodies and vocal pairings working wonderfully together. JT Woodruff’s acoustic track is sad, he admits that himself, but it is brilliantly made, with an autobiographical style and a simple melody that sounds so good. This is followed by Joy by Woven In Hiatus which really accentuates the vocals of Luke Nagel – Woven In Hiatus really have perfected the acoustic sound and it shows on this track ever so clearly.

Courage My Love wrap up the album with a cover of Last Christmas. A band who have some really nice vocals, they really do to change the sound but keep it close to the original and it makes for an excellent way to finish the album. Mirror Eyes’ contribution to the album too is a nice track and a brilliant name too ‘Of All The Charlie Browns In The World, I’m The Charlie Browniest’.

The whole album is put together very well with a great blend of acoustic and rock tracks that make for such an excllent listen, though there is so much ringing of bells on this album, you might think you have tinnitus by the end. A great album, and for a worthy cause – funds from the record go to the Jason Christopher Willhelm Fund, which raises money to give scholarships to cancer survivors. Highlights are Christmas Eve by Chase Huglin, Joy by Woven In Hiatus and Punchline’s I Always See You In December.




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