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Review: Heart Avail – Self Titled EP.

Heart Avail release their self titled EP this Friday through Milagro Records. Containing five huge rock songs, Heart Avail have a real talent and it shows on this record. You can get a taste of what this band do by giving a listen to their first single Pink Lace here.

Vocalist Aleisha Simpson has an incredible tone to her voice and that tone is on show throughout this album. Hitting stunning high notes that work with the Symphonic Rock sound this band make from the beginning of the album but also bringing a more powerful and raw sound too, really exploring the versatility of her voice throughout.

The band really do equal the standard Simpson sets on this EP though. The melodies are dramatic and pounding as the record goes on, particularly on tracks such as Always. Creating huge riffs throughout that pick up at just the right time, this band really have worked on their sound for their record and it is made clear on every track, it is surprising that this record is Heart Avail’s debut.

Heart Avail have made a great EP and if you like dramatic melodies combined with an incredible voice, the band’s self titled is well worth a listen. Highlights for me on this record are Broken Fairytale and No Remorse.



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