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Review: Skye Strickler – DNA EP.

ssdnaSkye Strickler is set to release his new EP DNA soon. Some first class pop tracks that you can not stop yourself moving too, Strickler really creates something great. A fusion of RnB, EDM and Jazz melodies, it really is a wonderful mix of sounds. You can find Dance The Night Away on iTunes now.

Strickler has a great voice, it shows on every song, but in particular it does stand out on Where Did You Go. His voice strength works so well with the melodies where you can really hear those EDM sounds and pop influences louder than ever – this collaboration with bordrs is excellent and well worth checking out.

Incredible beats and some stunning grooves work their way throughout this record. The songs are all incredibly different, songs such as Ripples with the piano work sound so good, this simplicity really working for this song, particularly with a vocal as good as this. However tracks such as Dance The Night Away where those big grooves and different styles blend together with a huge hook that is just as impressive. This whole EP is such a great listen, fun in places and genuine in others.

Skye Strickler has made such a good EP, it is a fantastic blend of melodies and sources of inspiration which makes complete sense throughout. Highlights for me are College and Dance The Night Away, however this whole record deserves a listen when it finally is released.



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