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Review: Enemies – Valuables.

Enemies tomorrow release their last album, Valuables through Topshelf Records. The band, who hail from Ireland are known for their experimental indie rock sound and that doesn’t change through to the end for the band making for an interesting listen. You can hear itsallwaves from the record now through YouTube here.

Though short in words, this album makes up for this in incredible melodies that flow throughout the whole of this album. Exploring music with raw riffs and bouncy beats from the moment this album begins, this band go deep as they adventure for the last time together and it makes for an album that could only be made by this band – evidenced by tracks such as Houran.

Where vocals are on this record, they are used so effectively, blending perfectly with the music the band are creating. Added to the melodies the band use simple lyricism and vocal sounds  effectively with the grooves the band have made – this band really change up a lot on this record, really making new sounds and techniques to make something captivating, Valuables holding your attention throughout.

Valuables make a record to be proud as their final offering. It is clear to the end this band have a talent for melodies, really creating something individual but still keeping to their roots which makes for the kind of album you want to finish on really. There are highlights throughout this record for me, itsallwaves has the perfect name as the music rolls in with perfect timing. Bonopi and Leaves are also two tracks that stand out to me, the sounds are unique and this band create them well.



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