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New Videos Out This Week!

  1. Hickory Signals – Noise Of The Waters – Hickory Signals released recently their new EP, named after this track, and if you like excellently crafted folk, you can definitely hear why they did. This band  create some really nice melodies throughout their new record and the title track is no exception.
  2. State Champs – Losing Myself – Around The World And Back is a great album and Losing Myself must be the last video before a new album, the band bringing their own style of pop punk on this huge track. Derek DiScanio is a great vocalist and it’s made clear on this song.
  3. Ace Enders & Nik Bruzzese – Jacob Marley –  Newly opening a studio, the members of The Early November and Man Overboard release a Christmas track to showcase the quality of their studios and their work and they do it incredibly well. You can find out more about the studio here.
  4. Beyond Recall – Get It Right  – Beyond Recall release their new EP in the new year, Selfish Scars and Get It Right is a taste of what is to come. Creating grooves that are reminiscent of bands such as Don Broco they create some great Alternative Rock that makes me look forward to what is to come.
  5. The Little Kicks – Goodbye Enemies, Hello Friends – Announcing their new album this week that comes out in March, Shake Off Your Troubles, the band release their second single and video for the album. Creating some great indie pop tracks, The Little Kicks are making a great return.

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