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Review: Some Kind Of Illness – Souls.

Some Kind Of Illness recently released their new album, Souls which you can find through Bandcamp here. The band evocative melodies and dramatic sounds that are definitely worth giving a listen to. You can find more about the band through Facebook now.

An album filled with interesting melodies and ethereal sounds, this album flows perfectly to the end. There are some excellent guitar pieces that work with the sounds this band make. Tracks such as title song, Souls are perfect examples of this. However this band can raise the tempo with ease, with great beats on tracks such as Another World.

Though the vocals are used sparingly throughout this album, this band make use of them, adding a dark tone to the record that adds to the atmosphere of the album, making sure the music takes centre stage throughout. The lyrics have real depth where they are used and convey some real emotion, particularly tracks such as Travelling Backwards In A Cave, where the blend of male and female vocals work together incredibly throughout the track.

Some Kind Of Illness make an incredibly interesting record with a great blend of other worldly sounds and acoustic melodies that make for some great songs. Highlights for me on this record are Travelling Backwards In A Cave, Another World and Cascais Rain which finishes up this album in perfect fashion.


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