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Review: Spill – Top Ten.

Spill release their debut album tomorrow, Top Ten through No Sleep Records. Named Top Ten because it’s the best ten songs this band could write and it shows, really making it clear that this band have expertise when it comes to making music. You can find preorders and bundles through the No Sleep store now here.

A band that focuses on the sound they are creating, this rough and raw sounding album really uses that fuzzy vibe to bring into focus some excellent riffs and rough vocals that work throughout this album. Tracks such as Feels Too Good have a great bounce that is made with the use of brilliant riffs and drums that really raise the game on this album.

This band have a great vocalist whose vocals power through every track brilliantly, and the writing matches this with ease. The band have some huge hooks on this record but that raw emotion is still there throughout with a very genuine feel to the songs. Tracks such as Empty make this really clear – this band have made a record they’ve put everything in too and it shows on tracks such as this. Opening track Can’t Keep Cool is the perfect single though, with a huge chorus, it shows what this band do best lyrically.

Top Ten is a great debut album, but that is no surprise with musicians from bands such as Placeholder and We Were Skeletons, who make a coherent record that works from beginning to the end. Highlights for me on this record are Can’t Keep Cool, Keep Coming and Empty – however if you like bands who make great Alternative Rock and Roll, Spill’s new record is what you need in your life.



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