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New Videos Out This Week!

A few videos that came to my attention this week!

  1. Louise Golbey – Please Don’t – A track that went straight on my playlist, Please Don’t is such a great song from a musician that in 2017 you definitely should know about. A great video that works brilliantly with the song, Please Don’t is a great Jazz track that you definitely should give a listen.
  2. HalfLives – Burn – A great rock track from a band who had such a good 2016, Burn is the new highlight from the band who have been gaining attention this year. A huge chorus with some fantastic guitars, they are a band with an incredible vocal up front.
  3. Tallisker – Astraea – Tallisker is the DIY solo project of French artist Eléonore Melisande. Creating incredible grooves and dark beats, Tallisker has an incredible sound and it shows on this track and the video matches this, telling a story of life and death.
  4. Hannah Sumner – How To Stop – A minimalist sound to the track, Sumner brings her impressive vocals to her own style of Alternative Pop and it sounds really good. How To Stop’s videos works with the bluesy vibe to the track and you can just feel that emotion throughout.
  5. Save Face – Folly – The title track from the an incredibly impressive EP, Folly is the latest video from Alternative Punk duo Save Face.  A great track that highlights the band’s way with melodies and great vocals, it’s no surprise that this is the title track.
  6. Our Darkest Days – Ceaseless – Taken from their latest record, ‘A Common Agony’ the band release their latest video for Ceaseless. A fast Punk Rock band hailing from Canada, Our Darkest Days show what they can do on Ceaseless and its well worth hearing.
  7. Creeper – Hiding With Boys – The latest track we get to hear from the new album coming next year, Eternity, In Your Arms. Creeper are not a band to ignore and this track makes that incredibly clear with a huge hook and that Goth style this band do so incredibly well.

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