Five Best Albums of 2016: Part Two.

albums20162The second half of 2016 has been good for music and these are some of the albums that were amazing from between June and December. You can find the first half of the year here. This blog covered a diverse range of musicians this year from Folk to Classical, from Punk to Jazz, and that diversity shows throughout these albums.

  1. Will Varley – Kingsdown Sundown – This album is brilliant from the moment it begins. One of the best folk albums to come out this year, Varley reflects the politics of today to melody in his own awesome way. Tracks such as Let Your Guard Down and We Want Our Planet Back are highlights on this album and a must own.

2) Moose Blood – Blush – Moose Blood’s second album, Blush is everything you want as an emo band to make. A matured sound from the band as they experiment with sound but keep that sincerity with the lyricism, Moose Blood are an incredible band and this album is definitely prove of this. Tracks such as Glow and Honey for me are highlights but this whole thing is incredible.

3) Green Day – Revolution Radio – Politics is a cycle and here we are back again with another American Idiot in charge, and Revolution Radio is an album for those times, troubled times one could say (a pun if you listened to this, you’d understand!). Revolution Radio has the riffs and the lyricism that Green Day are renowned for – tracks such as Bouncing Off The Walls and Bang Bang are excellent.

4) Warpaint – Heads Up – A fierce sounding record from the start, Heads Up is a fantastic album. A band that can make music but use vocal harmonies in a way that is so unique to them, combined with the writing that’s kept simple on this record, but effectively, Heads Up is worthy of this list. Highlights for me are New Song, Dre and title track Heads Up.

5) Lindsey Stirling – Brave Enough – An album that is a little bit out of the blog’s remit but so glad I covered, Brave Enough is the album you need to hear if you think classical music is old and stuffy, as Stirling proves that very very wrong. A diverse range of genres work together throughout this album and it sounds amazing. Highlights are Something Wild with Andrew McMahon and Hold My Heart with ZZ Ward.

Other special mention must include, Honeyblood’s return Babes Never Die,  Joseph’s I’m Alone, No You’re Not, Arms Aloft’s What A Time To Be Barely Alive and Mary Lynn’s My Animal. Also Dead Buttons and Bad Omens have some great records in the second part of the year that are definitely worth hearing.


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