The Eight EP’s You Should Have Heard This Year.

ep2016There have been some great EPs out this year, these are a few I was contacted about and ones that I loved myself that just sounded incredible.They cover a diverse range of music from Goth Punk to Emo but they are all brilliant, and you can find a review at the links provided.

  1. The Stranger EP – Creeper (Roadrunner) – This band. Creeper had an incredible 2016, this EP following up the fantastic ‘The Callous Heart’. With tracks such Black Mass on this record, they were impossible to ignore, with huge hooks and riffs to boot, I am so looking forward to their album Eternity, In Your Arms.

2. Closure – Blood Youth (Rude Records) – Blood Youth released a fantastic EP this year in Closure. A raw and powerful record from the start this band launch into riffs like no one else on this EP and combined with those vitriolic vocals this band on Closure has everything they need to do so much more.

3. Cult Of You EP – The Summer War – This band did such great things on their record. Full of fuzzy riffs and smooth grooves, Cult Of You is a record that just platformed what this band could do and they can do so much. The band have two vocalists that work phenomenally together here that combined with the riffs sounds so good, particularly on tracks such as The Garden.

4. Breathe Deeply – Taco Hell –  A band you may not have heard of, but based on this record you should have, Taco Hell released their EP earlier this year. The band’s love of the DIY scene shows on this record however this band bring huge hooks on tracks such as High 2.2 and the emotion on title track Breathe Deeply, that makes this record stand out.

5. Live Long Happy Birthday – The World Is A Beautiful Place And I’m No Longer Afraid To Die (Topshelf Records) – made up of  only two tracks, Live Long Happy Birthday may be short, but it is very sweet.  What this band can do with instruments is like no band can do and a way of writing that tells a story like no other either, these tracks are just so good.

6. Folly – Save Face (Take This To Heart Records) – A band I was informed about, and I’m so glad I was. Save Face make some great emo on this record, with some great sounds throughout this EP and a way to bring such incredible emotion, Folly is a great EP and with those hooks this album certainly stands out as a highlight for 2016.

7. The Death Of Us EP – Diamond Days – The Death Of Us is a great EP from the moment it starts. This EP really does have some great hooks and melodies that throughout are just so consistent. An EP that needs to be heard live, particularly for tracks such Kings And Queens which are meant to have a crowd singing along with them on.

8. Snowdrift EP – Vocal Few – There are very few EP’s you can describe as delightful, however this EP is. The perfect EP for the winter and Christmas, Snowdrift is an excellent record. Perfect acoustic melodies and rousing choruses on tracks such as Cheers To Your Holidays – which has been on my playlist this month – Vocal Few make a sweet record.



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