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New Videos Out This Week!

Here’s a few videos to wrap the year up with, enjoy!

  1. Summer Lake Heroes – Shine (Acoustic) – The band have released a new video recently of a track called Shine. Highlighting some great vocals and the band’s way with melodies, Shine well, shines.
  2. Courage My Love – Stereo – The first track from their upcoming album ‘Synesthesia’, Courage My Love released their new video for Stereo. Strong vocals and a band who work together brilliantly making for some very nice harmonies, Courage My Love return in excellent form.
  3. The Marvels – Hold On – The Marvels released their new video for Hold On recently. The band who hail from Italy, a country that may seem a surprising hot bed of great pop punk have been doing great things and Hold On makes that clear.
  4. Korean Fire Drill – SpidaRackNeeAHH – Weird name aside, Korean Fire Drill make a big rock song, and SpidaRackNeeAHH is no different, with their combination of rock and comedy this band make for an interesting listen.

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