Ten Songs That I Loved This Year.

These tracks I found through writing for the blog or just found out about throughout this year. Covering a range of genres, these songs are probably all just catchy, but oh well, they are all bloody good.

  1. Sainte – Technicolor (single) – The first single from Tay Jardine’s solo project (I think), Technicolor has a great funky beat and a huge hook about the insecurities of love. Jardine’s voice sounds better on this track and has that trademark attitude of We Are The In Crowd, whose more pop than punk sound is still not filled by a woman right now.
  2. Honeyblood – Ready For The Magic (From Babes Never Die– Ready For The Magic was the lead single from their new album and it definitely shows why. Great fuzzy guitars combined with a massive chorus that powers throughout this track, Honeyblood make a great tune on this album and this one is one of many, well worth a listen to.
  3. Joseph – White Flag (From I’m Alone, No You’re Not) – This album is so good, however this song to me stood out from the moment I heard it. A huge and powerful tune that combines the vocals of this band of sisters, Joseph just make a perfect Folk Pop fusion on White Flag and it works here and throughout the album actually.
  4. A Day To Remember – Bullfight (From Bad Vibrations– Is it catchy? Yes! Is it loaded with great riffs from the start? Yes! Has it got powerful lyrics and gritty realism? Fuck yes. Bullfight is a great tune on this album and one of those songs I really need to hear live because I bet the singing back would be loud, a great tune, but it’s not surprising from ADTR.
  5.  Juliet Simms – My Last Whiskey Tears (From From The Grave EP) – As an EP it’s okay, but this opening track truly is the highlight of the record. A gritty genuineness from the beginning, Simm’s raw vocals sound so good as she blast through this track about former lovers, it’s a badass rock tune from the beginning with a fuzzy sound that makes it sound so good.
  6. Blink 182 – Teenage Satellites (From California) – This song is really good. In the middle of the album Teenage Satellites seems like a random combination of lyrics, however how they are put together makes for fine listening. Probably one of their more pop than punk tunes on their new album, Teenage Satellites is a great song.
  7. Arkells – Private School (From Morning Report)  – Private School is an awesome track on a great album, that I’m annoyed with myself for not writing about. A band who are consistent with making excellent  records, this song stands above. With a cool beat and a chorus delivered by Kerman with sheer brilliance, it’s a highlight from the album.
  8. Pinegrove – Cadmium (From Cardinal– This band come to the UK next year and I need to hear this song live, seriously, it’s such a weird but brilliant song. This band make fantastic melodies and Cadmium is no exception and the delivery vocally is captivating, and it just pulls you in. An incredible song, this band are just incredible.
  9. Tonight Alive – How Does It Feel? (From Limitless)  – This album didn’t live up to the expectations created by the band on previous records, however there are gems on this album like I Defy and How Does It Feel? And it gives me hope. How Does It Feel? Is raw and powerful with a huge chorus but also a great punkier track from the band that makes for a stand out track.
  10. ROAM – Bloodlines (From Backbone) – I’ve seen them live three times this year and never heard it live, so I’m guessing I never will, even though it was single from the album. Bloodlines is a raw track which really displays just how good the vocals are in this band with some energetic riffs that work on this track so well, a gem on their debut album.

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