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Review: The Blue Aeroplanes – Welcome, Stranger!

welcome-strangerThe Blue Aeroplanes release their new album this week, Welcome, Stranger! The first album the band have released in six years. A band who are consistent at making great records, this album will be great to hear live as they tour the country this month straight after the release. You can listen to ‘Here Is The Heart Of All Wild Things’ Here.

This album is such a great listen from the moment it begins. This band have great riffs that bounce throughout this record that keep your attention and drum beats that equal the standard the guitarists set and that is difficult given that the standard is so high. the band work together brilliantly to create some excellent melodies.

Langley’s mix of lyricism and poetry throughout this record is combined with the music so well, though unusual in their lyricism for example, ‘Dead Tree! Dead Tree!’. This band use the poeticism brilliantly throughout this album, the writing telling some incredible stories, for example Walking Under Ladders For A Living is a standout track to me. The choruses are catchy and simple, but effective on this record as this band create some great music. To the end, the sound is brilliant.

A sometimes bizarre, a sometimes brilliant, but always oddly excellent, The Blue Aeroplanes return with an excellent record. There are no bad songs on Welcome, Stranger! The time away allowing them clearly to create something that works, however there are tracks that stand out. The bouncy energy of tracks such as Skin and Sweet, Like Chocolate are real highlights and the slowed down pace of Here Is The Heart Of All Wild Things, with chilled out acoustic melodies works brilliantly throughout. What a great album to start 2017 with.



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