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Review: You Me At Six – Night People.

Image result for night people you me at six album coverYou Me At Six release their long awaited sixth studio album today, Night People. The band who are known for some huge rock tracks definitely haven’t changed on their new album with massive choruses that are made for arenas of the future. You can find Night People now on Spotify here.

This band from the beginning of the album create some huge hooks, eponymous track Night People is certainly how to start an album and tracks such as Swear continue that theme. There are huge tracks that are made to be sung along with on this record, such as Make Your Move,  which certainly make it clear their infectious way with words hasn’t gone anywhere, and it’s a good thing.

The band sound great together too, with bouncy riffs that lift tracks such as Plus One as soon as it begins, and that energy is shown throughout this record. Songs build really well on this album and often – tracks such as Heavy Soul and Take On The World really accentuate Franceschi’s vocals and create some great melodies that harmonise together on this record making for some incredible highlights. Heavy Soul is not particularly a track I’d associate with You Me At Six, but it suits them so well on this record.

I think the band bring together the best of what this band do on Night People, the writing is catchy but thoughtful and delivered with feeling, backed up by some great guitars that really power up the tracks from the start of the album. I feel the band has experimented a bit more on this album using different sounds and melodies, it’s You Me At Six but not as you know them and it’s a great follow up to Cavalier Youth. There are a lot of excellent tracks on this album, but for me Heavy Soul, Plus One are the best and Give rounds of this album beautifully.



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