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Review: Inner Temple – Captivity EP.

Inner Temple recently released their new EP, Captivity and it’s an impressive record. Mastered by Mat Kerekes of Citizen (which is pretty impressive) this band certainly have mastered their sound too, creating some great alt rock tracks here, which you can listen to through the band’s bandcamp here.

This band bring a brooding atmosphere on this record from the get go, with rough guitars that really bring these tracks to another level and this combined with the rhythm section, particularly the bass work sounds so good on this record. Always Something – the opening track on this record certainly makes this clear.

The vocals are impressive and are reminiscent of bands such as Citizen, who are as impressive with creating harmonies as this band. This band create some dramatic drops on this track that really put those raw vocals on display, the production really highlighting what this band best does throughout Captivity. Tracks such as Your Favourite Season particularly stand out to me for this.

This band to the end have incredible energy and it makes for an incredible listen, with riffs that power these tracks from the start and with some genuine lyricism that is strong throughout this EP. Inner Temple are simply a band you should of heard of by now, if Captivity is anything to go by. Highlights for me on this record My Favourite Season and Crooked Teeth, however this record is brilliant consistently on this record, give it a listen.



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