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Review: Serious Matters – Can You See The Sky From Here EP.

CYSTSFH Art.jpgNew Jersey Alt Rock band Serious Matters recently released their new EP, Can You See The Sky From Here. Laden with catchy riffs and some excellent vocals this band bring it on their record which you can listen to now through the band’s Soundcloud here.

This band have such a great way with melodies on this EP, with some ingenius guitars that work on tracks such as Summer Tides brilliantly. The riffs combined with the drum beats give these tracks an energy this band keep consistent throughout that remind me of bands such as The Early November in places.

The vocals have some real clarity on this record, with a voice that really drives those lyrics home, and partnered with the music this band make, it hold your attention, particularly on track such as Weary. I feel like the worst part about this EP is that it has an end, this is a great debut from Serious Matters.

Can You See The Sky From Here from start to finish is a record you should definitely hear, this band works so well together throughout and what this band does best so clear on every track – huge riffs, with a rhythm section worthy of note and vocals that deliver some powerful lyricism. Highlights for me are Weary, Summer Tides and Vacant ends this record perfectly.



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