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New Videos Out This Week!

Here is the first selection of music videos of 2017!

1. .Bipolar – Ernest – From their upcoming EP, Seven, .Bipolar release the first single and what a huge track it is. Raw riffs and some amazing vocals, Ernest certainly is going to be a highlight of their four track EP which is released on January 28th.

2. Finding Kate – Get Over You – Kate Pavli has real creativity in her tracks and it is certainly no different in her new video for Get Over You with some great grooves and vocals that just work in harmony with whatever she creates.

3. Varvara – Human Being – Ahead of the release of their third album ‘Death Defying Tricks’, Varvara have released a new video for their latest single ‘Human Being’. Human Being has some real intense melodies and strong vocals that make for a great listen.

4. Happyness – Falling Down – Happyness released news this week of their new album coming in April, and they also released the first track of what is to come from the band ‘Falling Down’. Seven minutes of retro footage, the video certainly suits the song perfectly.

5. Nightlife – Out Of Your Mind – For fans of bands such as The Smashing Pumpkins or Jimmy Eat World, Nightlife released news of their debut album this week and their first single from the album is Out Of Your Mind. Huge riffs and incredible drums, this is a great taste of what is to come.

6. Sixlight – Sick Again – According to vocalist Nick Tekampe, Sick Again is about ‘the mental struggle of addiction to an abusive relationship or substance’ and it does it with some great lyricism and an dark mood that works perfectly on this track.


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