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Review: Palisades – Self Titled.

Palisades release their self titled album Friday through Rise Records. Palisades create a unique sound as shown on Mind Games and this continues as the band recently released Through Hell, the first single off the album and it’s an excellent sign of what is to come.

This band as soon as this record opens up, takes it to another level with a great use of synth beats and drum runs that work together in the chorus brilliantly. The timing of each beat is great on opening track Aggression and this continues throughout the band’s self titled – this band change this pace so fast on every track going from chilled out melodies to agressive hooks with incredible ease.

The vocals are what really stands out on this record, those choruses are dominated by some incredible screaming vocals which combined with the singing ones sound like they are made to be together on this record – this band have stepped it up on their self titled and it shows in these moments, Better Chemicals is a great example of this on album. There are some huge choruses on this album, Through Hell and Cold Heart (Warm Blood) have choruses made to be screamed at a live show.

Palisades have certainly returned with an album that just shows how good they can be. Filled with huge melodies and vocals that are even better, a band’s self titled is often what they feel is the best of what a band can do, I’m not surprised its this record for them. There are so many highlights on this album, however tracks that stand out to me are Aggression, Dancing With Demons and Cold Heart (Warm Blood).




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