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Review: WSTR -Red, Green Or Inbetween.

WSTR release their debut album this week, Red, Green Or Inbetween through No Sleep Records. A band that has begun becoming prominent lately for their live shows, this band live up to it on this record. The band who are on tour with Seaway soon in the UK, have had some great singles which make up an incredible album.

A band that packs energy in this album like fireworks, WSTR spend no time hanging around on this album as they bring in energetic riffs from the beginning that gives this album a great bounce throughout. Of course the drum beats work seamlessly with those riffs, making for some fine pop punk melodies that are reminiscent of bands they have toured with such as Neck Deep.

The vocals are great, Clifford really delivering a raw sound that works in combinaton with the melodies brilliantly throughout this album, Nail The Casket (Thanks For Nothing) definitely make it clear this band have a lead singer that needs and wants to be heard. The lyrics are as good as the vocals with a real way with words throughout, crafting some great choruses that definitely are going to  be sung loudly live and a very honest style to the lyricism too, King’s Cup is a perfect example of this.

A band who certainly wears their influences on their sleeve for all to see, this band bring some huge pop punk tunes here that never slow down throughout Red, Green Or Inbetween, a pounding energy running throughout that makes for a great listen reminiscent of those 90’s pop punk bands such as New Found Glory and Sum 41. There are plenty of highlights but for me Penultimate, Eastbound & Down and Featherweight stand out on this album – a great pop punk debut.



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