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Review: Kara Ann Marie – Keeping On EP.

kamkoKara Ann Marie recently released her debut EP, Keeping On through the label she set up, Orphan No More. Made up of many different influences including Gospel, Folk and Poetry, Kara brings a decade’s experience to her debut record which you can listen to through Orphan No More’s Bandcamp here.

One of the first things you notice is just how gorgeous the vocals are on this EP. The blend of her own singing voice  and background vocals sound amazing together on this record and accompany the poetry perfectly on opening track Keeping On. Throughout this record her voice is highlighted and it delivers some powerful and raw lyricism.

The Folk roots on this EP are certainly clear with nice acoustic melodies on songs such as Royalty however creating darker grooves on tracks such as Walk Slow and I Like The Way that really create a mood on this record and delivered by Kara Ann Marie’s vocals sound amazing throughout. The genuineness of this record is reflected by the simple melodies, making for a very honest EP, with her use of words, creating simple but effective choruses.

Keeping On is a wonderful debut from an equally wonderful voice. Kara displays her talent incredibly well on this record and from beginning to end makes this EP for a nice listen. Highlights for me are Royalty and Keeping On.



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