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New Videos Out This Week!

Some new releases out this week!

  1. The Maine – Bad Behavior  – The Maine returned this week with their new single Bad Behavior, which will be released on their new album Lovely Little Lonely, and based on this catchy little track, it’s going to be another one of those records that’s probably cheated out of an APMA.
  2. The Anchor – The Hardest Part – Metalcore outfit released this week their new video for The Hardest Part this week, an emotional track about addiction of losing the people you care about, it’s well worth giving a listen. The vocals are raw and brilliant, its delivery is powerful throughout.
  3. Sorority Noise – No Halo – Releasing news of their new album, Sorority Noise released No Halo this week, the first single from album ‘You’re Not As _____ As You Think‘ and if it’s anything like Joy, Departed, this is going to be an amazing album, this track is a good sign of things to come.
  4. September Mourning – 20 Below – A great track from their debut album, 20 Below is a hell of a track about suffering the cycle of abuse and escaping from it, and with powerful vocals and some excellent riffs, the energy never lets up, 20 Below is well worth a listen.
  5. Bianca Rose – Because Of Love – British Folk singer Bianca Rose recently released her new video for Because Of Love featuring Mobo nominated Singer-Songwriter and Cellist Ayanna Witter-Johnson. This is the second single from Rose, who releases her album January 30th.
  6. Tameca Jones – Sandman – One of the highlights of Jones’ EP, Sandman is a song packed with feeling, and this song is no different, displaying her soul voice to perfection. Her EP has a great sound and a great debut record that keeps you wanting more.
  7. Better Than Never – Dreamland Ain’t All Its Cracked Up To Be –  Taken from their latest EP released in December, Head Under Water, Dreamland is a huge pop punk track from the band who just released news they will be on tour with Coast To Coast and Pine through April, see this band live.
  8. Kilkovec – Change – Hampshire three piece, Kilkovec released their new video for Change this week. Highly energetic and carthartic this band certainly have created something great on this track. for fans of bands such Marmozets or Letlive.

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