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Review: Mouse On The Keys – Out Of Body.

Mouse On The Keys release their new album this week, Out Of Body through Topshelf Records. Following up from their split record with LITE, Mouse On The Keys return with six tracks that make for a sound that is this band’s own. You can pre-order the album now through Topshelf here.

This band have a fantastic way with melodies throughout this record, Earache starts Out Of Body off with an atmospheric and heavy sound with massive percussion beats and synth that builds tension as track moves along, this combined with Dark Lights, the next track works incredibly well as this tone continues on the next track.

That tone changes however on tracks such as Afterglow where upbeat melodies take precedent, with piano melodies create a great beat combined with percussion that rolls through this song creating a melody that is both intriguing and captivating – it sounds kind of how you’d think a party in space would sound like, as the band introduce different sounds to create a sound that only this band could make.

Out Of Body closes the album out with a heavy bass line interspersed with lighter melodies that keep this song feeling like the soundtrack to your heartbeat, creating a tense tone that keeps you listening to the end of the record. Out Of Body as a complete record makes for an incredible sound, the band creating music that is unusual but intriguing, and if you like Math Rock, this is what you should listen to next. Highlights for me are Dark Lights and Afterglow, but this whole is well worth hearing.




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