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Review: .Bipolar – Seven EP.

.bipolar release their new EP this week, Seven. The record, made up of four tracks has already got a great lead track in Ernest (which you can hear here) and this high standard continues on this record, bringing their DIY metal sound to Seven brilliantly.

This band do not allow you to prepare for the sound they make, as soon as this record begins, Ernest has huge drum beats that erupt combined with huge bass riffs that give this record a heavy sound from the start. This continues throught this EP, Pyrite bringing those elements with a great riff that adds to the power of this track that makes it a favourite of mine on Seven.

Charlie’s vocals on this record are ruthless and raw throughout this EP, a nice singing voice, but the screaming is brilliant, and really emphasises those choruses on tracks such as Ernest yes, but tracks such as Overnighter are just as good, those powerful vocals sound awesome on Seven throughout with writing that is incredibly honest – live this EP should be incredible as this record never lets up its pace at all.

.bipolar make an EP that does not quit and it makes for an incredible listen, with huge drum melodies and vocals that work in harmony on this record, if you like metal, you should definitely give this a listen. Highlights are Ernest and Pyrite for me, but this whole record has to be heard.



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