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Review: Curses – Chapter One: Introspect.

Curses release their new album this week, Chapter One: Introspect through Imminence Records. Working with producers such as Taylor Larson whose worked with The Dangerous Summer and I See Stars leads to high expectations and they certainly reach them. You can listen to the first single from the album, The Abandoned through YouTube here.

The quality of the sound accentuates what this band do best. The moment this record begins this band bring a cacophony of sound to your ears, with pummelling drum beats and manic guitars that work together with ease. Tracks such as Outlast and lead single The Abandoned are definitely perfect examples of this.

The vocals are great, with a great singing voice that really is used well on tracks such as Miss Misery and a brutal screaming vocal that rages through this record, with a tearing sound to the voice that really works with the singing vocals well. The screaming vocals on The Lowest Level Of Loyalty open up the track and it just works with the heavy tone of drums that just are relentless through Chapter One – this band sound vocally impressive and they use it well on their debut album.

Curses certainly make an album that has an incredible pace, and makes for raw and visceral listen throughout, as they bring their own sound together pretty well on this record, putting on display what this band do best – this band’s drummer stamina must be out of this world. There are many highlights on this record, Outlast, Hollowed Eyes and Ghost 40 near the end of the record, certainly makes for a highlight. Certainly an album where you’re going to look forward to Chapter 2, as I think this band can only get better from here.



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