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Review: Courage My Love – Synesthesia.

Courage My Love release their album this week, Synesthesia through InVogue Records. The band have been gaining momentum recently, with first single Stereo being a great taste of what’s to come from this band. Soon to be on tour with Marianas Trench, Courage My Love are a band not to be missed if this album is anything to go by.

This band have some great grooves on this record partnered with some huge beats that dominate the album. Tracks such as Animal Heart and Walls are packed with energy getting this album started with huge drum beats that keep the pace up and synth sounds that add to the sound, not to mention the powerful vocals.

The vocals from Mercedes and Phoenix on this record throughout are strong, with a huge delivery on every track on this album combined with a real versatility, tracks such as Love Hurts really show that raw power the vocals the band can have on this record where tracks such as Dirt and Drowning really display a more softer tone to the record and capture an almost innocence to the sound that combined with the melodies make for some of the highlights on this album.

The band show what they can do on this album, the melodies and vocals working together and with choruses on tracks such as Tough Love and Stereo, this band surely have everything they need on this album to make a great live show, with tracks that are just infectious from the moment they begin. Courage My Love have plenty of highlights on this album but for me Tough Love, Dirt and Stereo are the stand out tracks – solid pop rock tracks that make it clear this band are just getting started.



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