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Review: As It Is – okay.

Image result for as it is okayAs It Is recently released their follow up to Never Happy, Ever After, ‘okay.’ through Fearless Records. The band who are known for huge pop punk tracks such as Dial Tones certainly don’t change on this album as shown by latest single Hey Rachel. You can hear the album right now on Spotify here.

The record opens with Pretty Little Distance, which certainly has the more pop than punk vibe, but that is no bad thing with infectious choruses and bouncy guitar riffs that are on full display throughout this album. Not that this band can’t slow it down, Still Remembering wraps up the album and makes for a captivating acoustic track that ends this album with real lyricism.

Tracks such as No Way Out really bring the lyrics continue that theme. The lyrical honesty when it comes to depression and how it feels certainly is if you are a sufferer easy to connect with and to bring that genuine writing combined with such a great chorus is rare to do so well, but this band do it with ease and that track is not alone. Songs such as Pretty Little Distance and Soap making it clear what this band lyrically are capable of, with huge choruses and a great way with words.

‘okay.’ Is certainly better than okay. A band who are still continuing to progress with their sound on this album, this album really accentuates the qualities this band made clear on their previous record and adding a little bit more energy that really makes this a great listen from start to finish. Highlights for me on this album are Pretty Little Distance, Austen and The Coast Is Where Home Is – this album certainly is a must listen for any pop punk fan.



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