EPs & Singles.

Review: Stereo Off – EP3.

stereo_off_iii_cover_1300x1300.jpgStereo Off release their new record this week, EPIII. The band are known for creating some great tracks and this doesn’t change here, as they follow up from their 2015 EP The Long Hot Winter. You can give a listen to one of the new songs on the record, Sunsetting through Soundcloud now here.

A band with a sound that is uniquely theirs, Stereo Off fuse all kinds of genres on this record, bringing in Electronica, Pop and Jazz in places to make melodies and beats throughout this record that are reminiscent of the Electronica sounds of the 1980’s and it makes for an excellent throwback.

The vocals float over these melodies with real ease, Sunsetting certainly makes this clear, the vocals working with perfect timing with the great beats this band create. This blending of vocals and melodies continues on tracks such as Venir, as the band raise a pace on the track combined with other worldly sounds that makes for a fascinating listen. This band explore sound and make this record something unique.

EPIII certainly shows this band growing in their sound and creating plenty of beats that never let up -these songs burst with energy that become this band’s signature on this record. Highlights for me are Disaster Plan and Venir, but this whole EP is certainly worth a listen if you want some brilliantly crafted Electric Pop.



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