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Review: Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – Modern Ruin.

Image result for modern ruin frank carter and the rattlesnakesModern Ruin is the latest release from Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes. A powerful and raw performer on stage, this album certainly lives up to that, the introductory track to this album a quiet track compared to the record that is to come. You can listen to Modern Ruin now on Spotify here and buy it here.

This album must be like therapy, with a real outlet of the anger directed at the politics of this time and personal catharsis, tracks such as Thunder certainly are the former, with lyrics such as ‘‘they’re all mothers and fathers and children too, And you’re scared of them ’cause they don’t look like you” which in the current political climate, is so damned spot on.

This band though create some amazing music, with huge guitar riffs that blast throughout this record with real precision and experimental sounds that really work showcase what this band can do to the end, tracks such as Neon Rust and God Is My Friend really making it clear this band isn’t making any kind of generic punk record, this band are here to create something that is theirs, though with traces of bands such as later Arctic Monkeys on this album that are surprising but excellent, particularly on tracks like Vampires.

Frank Carter is consistent at making great things, and I don’t think that changes with Modern Ruin, this album is passionate and raw, and definitely right now in need of hearing by many many people. It’s just too difficult to pick out highlights sometimes, but songs that stood out to me on this record are Wild Flowers, Thunder and title track Modern Ruin – though this whole album never stops being great.



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