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Review: Pessimist, The Gospel Youth, WSTR and Seaway – Epic Studios, Norwich 01/02/2017.

seawayLast night Seaway returned to Norwich in spectacular fashion with support from WSTR and The Gospel Youth with local support from Pessimist. The band are currently on tour with their new album Colour Blind, have a great history of live shows and tonight was no different.

Pessimist opened and they were better than last time. The band who have had time to sharpen their live act since their first show supporting Roam, they continue to make it clear they are a great live band – Pessimist are about to go on tour, if Better Things and these shows prove anything is that they need to be seen.

The Gospel Youth will break your heart into pieces, in the best way possible, this band’s songs are emotional and no matter long ago they wrote them, still raw, delivering powerful tracks with huge riffs. The Gospel Youth were a great choice of band to open with as they got the crowd into it and created the right mood for the rest of the night – an up and coming band that has so much potential, Kids is a great place to begin with this band, it’s apparently their one happy song.

WSTR put in a great show considering lead singer, Sammy Clifford was sick. This band have some huge tracks and made it clear tonight, with tracks from Red, Green Or Inbetween standing out as highlights in this set. A band who have so much energy and got the crowd moving, this band are going to do greater and bigger things if this show is anything to go by. Not to mention their cover of Break Stuff was excellent.

Seaway are definitely a band who are ready for a headline slot. This show allowed them to do what they wanted without constraint and that freedom allowed them really be themselves and get that crowd going in the way only this band can. With a great set list opening with Slam and including tracks such as Your Best Friend, it was a great set from beginning to end.





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