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New Videos Out This Week!

  1. Blameshift – Monster – Blameshift released their latest video this week for Monster. This New York based band are doing great things and this video makes it clear. The song comes from their album Heart Of Stone and the band are set to be announcing a tour soon, go see them.
  2. Aerial – Foreign Coast –¬†Progressive metalcore quartet Aerial has released their new music video titled, “Foreign Coast” off their 2016 EP Foresight. A band that has been building a fanbase in their native Norway and gaining thousands of streams for their EP, this band is certainly one to watch now.
  3. Dead Animal Assembly Plant – Rise With Me – ”Rise with Me is an intense and deliberate music video highlighting the darker side of the human persona; written to show the effects of media outlets highlighting mass shootings in modern day America” according to the band, and it sums it up well.
  4. Sleep Signals – I’ll Save You – The first taste of what this band’s new EP is going to sound like, I’ll Save You certainly is certainly a track that demands your attention, and well worth a listen if you like huge rock tracks, something this band make with ease.
  5. Young Fox – Sometimes The Monsters Win – No, it’s not about politics, it’s about addiction, this band bringing in huge melodies and some thought provoking lyricism that really make it clear their upcoming album Sky Beats Gold has a lot of promise.
  6. Thousand Below – Tradition – Following the news the band had signed to Rise Records, Thousand Below released new single and music video, Tradition. The band have a lot of promise and this song shows this clearly.

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