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Review: Deaf Havana – All These Countless Nights.

Image result for all these countless nightsDeaf Havana recently released their new album ‘All These Countless Nights’ through SO Recordings. The band who follow up from 2013’s Old Souls (finally!) certainly have had some great singles from this album, including Fever – a highlight on this record, which you can now stream completely on Spotify now.

Veck-Gilodi does have a fine way with words consistently, and this doesn’t change on this new album. Some thoughtful and provoking lyricism, with some huge choruses, this band writing wise get the balance write on this record, tracks such as Sing and Trigger makes this clearer than ever, this band set their own high standard.

The band melodically back the strong lyricism up with ease, using different sounds but keeping to what they do best with great riffs and beats that work with the emotion, tracks such as L.O.V.E. really is a perfect example of this, as the band bringing interesting sounds and combine that with instrumentals that this band do so well and so naturally throughout this record.

It may have taken some time for Deaf Havana to make a new record, but this is just fine, listening to this, it was all so worth the wait. The band are on top form on this record, with raw vocals, powerful choruses and huge melodies this band certainly have created something great, but something that in places could use a little more energy. Highlights for me are Sing, England and Fever.



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