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Review: Peach & The Giant – All That We Had, We Stole.

patch-final-cover-with-bleed-mediumPatch & The Giant release their new album this week, All That We Had, We Stole. A polished debut by this acclaimed Folk quintet, All We Had, We Stole is a long awaited debut from the band who finally launch the album Friday in London at The Brewhouse and then continue to tour the UK through February.

This band have such a great way with creating melodies, and with their various instrumental talents, they bring in different sounds to add to these songs that makes their album such a captivating listen. Not that this album is a cacophony of sound, this band make some nice guitar beats and melodies that make for a fun sound, particularly A Local Man, that is shanty-like.

Throughout the album, the lyricism tells stories and that for me stands out, the emotion on this album really is intense in places and partnered with the melodies makes for an an amazing combination, and this run deep throughout the whole of the record, tracks such as Love And War certainly make that clear, but with simplicity that very few bands can do so well. Luke Owens delivers with vocals that are the perfect deliverer, with a voice rich with feeling on this album to the end.

Though I feel it could up the pace in places, this album is a great listen and a definitive folk record, that pulls what this band do best together brilliantly – this band really pool the talents they have on this album. Tracks such as Flowers are simple but just a brilliant use of violin and guitar working together with perfect timing. Other highlights on this album for me are The River, The Day We Went To Sea and title track, All We Had, We Stole.




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