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Review: Lower Than Atlantis – Safe In Sound.

Image result for Lower Than Atlantis – Safe In Sound.Lower Than Atlantis released their new album Friday, Safe In Sound through Easy Life Records. A band known for huge choruses, riotous anthems and some emotional lyricism, this album has a lot to live up to following up from the band’s Self Titled. You can listen to the whole of the album now through Spotify here.

The band do make some great rock tracks on this album that are definitely worth seeing live, tracks such as Work For It and Dumb are definitely going to be sung at the top’s of people’s lungs on tour, this is also the case for tracks such as Long Time Coming that is made to be stuck in your head, with a football chant in it for good measure.

This band push their sound further on their fifth album, bringing in more pop beats and alternative tones on this album than previous records where they had more rock laden tracks. Songs such as Boomerang certainly see the band making something different, I almost couldn’t believe it was a LTA track when I heard it however this is a good thing with a huge chorus and a great groove that this album needs, the band building the album as it goes on.

Lower Than Atlantis return with a strong album with what the band do best, great guitar work and lyricism that is raw and honest with some huge hooks, Duce is a natural at this and it shows on this record, however it misses out on energy, that this band do normally so well on their albums. There are highlights on this album, Work For It and A Night To Forget stand out to me on this album, along with Boomerang.



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