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Review: Bianca Rose – No Fear Here.

biancaroseBianca Rose recently released her new album No Fear Here. Rose has a stunning voice and that’s clear from her single, Because Of Love which you can listen to here, and it’s made clearer on this album. Produced with Femi Temowo whose worked with Amy Winehouse and ESKA, this album lives up to so much promise.

A wonderful fusion of different styles including Jazz and Acoustic this album simple melodies are on point throughout this record, Bianca Rose’s voice works with them beautifully throughout. Tracks such as Eagles are perfect examples of this, where the gentle guitar melodies blend perfectly with the sound of her voice.

The writing is beautiful on this record, Because Of Love is an example of Rose’s way of writing a song that is full of emotion and powerful words that make for a great song combined with a catchy hook that just works so well on this song, the blending of voices sounds amazing here too. This depth continues throughout the writing and makes for a captivating sound, it’s clear to me the talent of Rose her on this album, and it’s clear she is a musician that has to be heard.

An album that is difficult to fault, No Fear Here truly is a showcasing of what Bianca Rose can do, displaying her versatile vocals and incredible tone on tracks such as You’re Beautiful and melodies on this record that work seamlessly with her voice, this album is a lovely listen from the moment it begins. Highlights for me on this album are Because Of Love, I Know Who Holds Tomorrow and Eagles – however this album is consistent and so worth a listen from beginning to the end.



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