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Review: Gravves – Rattle EP.

A band you may not have heard, but you should of, Gravves release their EP, Rattle tomorrow through Loner Noise Records. A great selection of dirty rock songs, Rattle certainly makes it clear this band are about to make 2017 their year. You can listen to first track, My Pet Rihanna here.

Gravves get straight into this record with some ferocious guitars and drum work that suit those raw vocals on My Pet Rihanna. A rough sound to this record adds to the sound this band are creating, with that fuzzy style giving this record a raw power that works for these tracks every single time, Heartbeats in particular.

The whole record has some great writing, My Pet Rihanna isn’t the only track with a chorus and that dark mood is made darker by the tone on this EP, tracks such as Hollow Bones definitely bring this band lyrically to a whole new level and is a great song to finish this album out. The blending of screaming and singing vocals on these tracks too sounds excellent, this band making it clear what this band can do, it is a really impressive debut record.

Rattle is an excellent EP, there’s no denying that here, with fuzzy but brilliant riffs and vocals that just are on point throughout this record, Gravves certainly take from their influences such as Queens Of The Stone Age, but certainly make clear what this band can do to, and they do it all well. My favourite track on this record is Heartbeats, but this is whole record is good, listen to it as soon as you can.



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