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Review: Jesse & Joy – Self Titled.

Image result for jesse and joy album coverJesse & Joy released their self titled album last week. The duo who have been on the radio here in the UK, have been gaining exposure deservedly with their first single, Echoes Of Love and continue to release songs that range from the fun to the beautiful. You can listen to the whole album now on Spotify.

I tragically don’t speak Spanish, they make me want to, however these moments on the record are a wonderful display if you don’t understand Spanish to see just how stunning Joy’s vocals are on this album and the way she has versatility with her tone, that makes this album such an incredible listen, particularly Espacio Sideral.

Impeccably brilliant at writing in two languages, Echoes Of Love in both English and Spanish versions sound so beautiful, the writing is emotional, descriptive and detailed that it makes for such an amazing listen and this continues on tracks such as Helpless, where Joy’s softer tone is on display and so is the high standard of writing that these two have on this record throughout.

Being from Mexico a lot of the melodies are influenced by their heritage, and I am all for more Mexican influences reaching these shores, if they are anything like this. Tracks such as More Than Amigos certainly bring that fun aspect to the record with those influences and those influences continue to twirl throughout the record making for some captivating melodies that are so rarely heard here in the UK, but if there’s a way to introduce yourself to Latin music, this could be it.

Jesse & Joy create an incredible album here, with some amazing writing and irresistable melodies that are of such a high standard from beginning to end on this album. Highlights for me are Here I Go, More Than Amigos and Un Besito Más (One Last Kiss), which is not surprising to me the title of the album outside of the UK, as it stands out on this album brilliantly.




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