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Review: Ghost Key – If I Don’t Make It.

Ghost Key release their debut album this week, If I Don’t Make It through InVogue Records. Fans of bands such as Pianos Become The Teeth and Verse, the band certainly take their influences to create solid first record. You can listen to Solstice, one of the highlights from the album through YouTube here.

If I Don’t Make It begins in incredible fashion with raw vocals that tear through this track with ease, and that continues throughout this album, Ghost Key maintaining a ruthless sound to the vocals to the end. O’Brien unleashes a furious ball of lyrics with real power, that emotionally tie in perfectly with the vocals throughout.

Accompanying this band’s vocals are some excellent instrumentalists. Riffs that just blast hrough these tracks adding to the intense sounds this band add to the tracks, songs such as Downpour certainly make this clear where the band blend synth sounds, great riffs and a bassline of drums that just bring this song to another level. This continues on title track, If I Don’t Make It where it comes as no surprise that this is the song they name the album after, which unleases a new level of fury.

Ghost Key make clear just how much potential they have on this record, beginning to create and find their sound on this album with a raw and powerful voice that is one of the best I’ve heard In a while. The guitars dominate on this record and certainly do a great job working with the screaming making for an excellent record. Highlights for me on this album are Indecision, Embrace and title track If I Don’t Make It – an incredible listen that if you are into screamo could be your new favourite album.



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