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Review: Alia Fresco – Self Titled EP.

image002-7Alia Fresco releases her selt titled record this Friday through CNVX. An enchanting artist from Denmark who absorbs inspiration from everywhere, her EP sees her take inspiration from UK Bass music, creating a great sound that could be described as being ‘Automatic Pop’. You can listen now to Break Me Out here.

The beats that drop on this record from the start add to that dark vibe Fresco builds. Ordinary Things is intense and combined with her vocals sounds incredible, with suffocating melodies that work throughout this track as it builds. Subtle drumwork and huge beats make this such an incredible listen and this is a theme on this EP.

The vocals of Alia Fresco do sound amazing on this record, with a great tone on display from the start, with elegant high notes and deeper sounds to it that work on every song – songs such as Let You Go really display that sound perfectly and makes for such a great listen. Lyrically there is some real emotion in places and the playing around with the vocals on this record is unique, particularly on tracks such as Guys Like You.

Fresco creates a unique sound on her new EP that makes for a captivating listen to the end. A musician who has taken a style and made it her own, Fresco is an incredible talent. Highlights for me on this EP are Ordinary Things and Guys Like You.



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