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Review: Fragile Things – Broken Sun EP.

Fragile Things self release their new EP this week, Broken Sun. A modern day rock band, Fragile Things unleash four tracks on to the masses that are certainly worth giving a listen to. You can listen to Broken Sun through Youtube now here.

This band certainly have some excellent riffs on this record, the polished sound brings them to life on this record. The guitars come into their own in the choruses bringing in a pounding energy that makes for such a great listen on Broken Sun, particularly on tracks such as Open Cage.

This band have hooks for days. Huge choruses abound throughout this EP, Fragile Things really having an infectious way with words, tracks such as Broken Sun are definitely a sign of this as the band unleash some great lyricism and this combined with huge rock and roll guitars makes for a great sound, the drums giving a great foundation for these songs to build on.

Broken Sun is a great taste of what this band can do, and live this is going to be a phenomenal listen, with mosh-worthy riffs and incredible hooks that are destined to be sung along too, tracks such as So Cold live are going to make for a great listen live. Highlights for me on this record are Open Cage and So Cold, but if you like some gritty Rock ‘n’ Roll, this is your EP.




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