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Review: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – The Tourist.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah release their album this week, The Tourist through Balley Records. A band that made an album that was recently named one of the fifty most influential albums of the last decade by NPR, their debut self titled, this new album has an incredible amount of potential.

An album that uses sound in so many incredible ways, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah use sounds that really aren’t supposed to work that collide with acoustic melodies and subtle drum work to create a sound that is rare to hear. This is clear throughout the album, but songs such as Ambulance Driver fuse different melodies that are striking, with different directions of sound that make for an interesting listen.

The Tourist has some great lyricism that matches the melodies, with choruses that certainly pull you in on this record. Songs such as Down (Is Where I Want To Be) and following track Unfolding Above Celibate Moon (Los Angeles Nursery Rhyme) are some of the highlights lyrically on this record. The infectious vibe of Down is excellent where the emotion of the record lies in the lines of Unfolding Above Celibate Moon. The way with words on this album from the start is great, ‘The car left the road and was found without its mirrors/You play the victim/And I’ll play the blind man’ in particular stands out on opening track The Pilot, one of my new favourite songs.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah make an album packed with sounds and lyrics that seek your attention with synth that flies off in all directions and vocals that really drive that emotion forward  throughout the album and makes for a distinctive record that is worth a listen. Highlights for me on this record are The Pilot, Down (Is Where I Want To Be) and Fireproof.



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