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Review: Silent Riders – Self Titled.

image002-8Silent Riders released their new self titled record this week through Music For Dreams. Recently releasing a single, I See You, the band displayed just how brilliantly they create melodies and that continues on this record with the band creating music that is reminiscent of a Tim Burton soundtrack.

Lu’s vocals are incredible on this album, with a sultry tone that works throughout this record. Combining smoothly with the dark tone particularly on tracks such as Home, the vocals perfectly entwine with the tone of the record and this continues throughout, the subtle but powerful way of delivery sounds flawless.

The melodies are haunting, and create a mesmerising sound throughout that is added to by the tone of Lu’s voice. Instrumental melodies such as Introvert create a dark sound of bubbling synth sounds and laser focused noises that create a tense track near the end of this album that contrasts with final track Falling where the sound slows down to a soothing synth beat that pulls you in from the moment it begins, making for a great end to the record.

Silent Riders make a record that accentuates what this band can do. Crafting together pieces of music that show their expertise in creating electronic melodies and with the vocals of Lu this album has an incredible sound from start to finish. Highlights for me on this record are Introvert, Home and The Lights, however this album is well worth listening to as a whole, as the sound builds throughout the record and comes into it’s own.



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