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Review: Nightlife – Salt & Acid.

salt-acid-coverNightlife this week release their new record Salt & Acid. The band have released some great singles so far, including Out Of Your Mind, which you can find the video for here. Splashed with heavy riffs and big punk choruses, this album is a great listen. You can find out more about the band here.

This band certainly knows what it is doing when it comes to making melodies, with big riffs that give this record a great bounce that works throughout this record with drums that give a solid foundation to the album. Tracks such as Broken Man certainly make this clear as this band bring in great riffs to bring this song to life and this continues on songs such as Blamer.

The band also know how to create a hook, with infectious choruses that run throughout this album. Songs such as Bullet Wounds are certainly a perfect example of this where the band have some great lyrics with some real honesty to the words – they keep it simple in places on this album for sure, however partnered with the high energy on this album it works, this is also clear on tracks such as Wake Me When It’s Over, where those memorable choruses and honesty combine excellently.

Nightlife is a great debut, giving a great display of just what this band can do on this record, the band bring some great guitars and big hooks for an impressive first album that is worth giving a listen if you are into British Pop Punk. Highlights for me on this record are Broken Man, Bullet Wounds and title track Salt & Acid is certainly a great choice of album title being one of the stand out tracks on this record.



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