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Review: Ursae – Self Titled EP.

Ursae 2Ursae releases his new self titled EP today, which you can listen now exclusively through All Things Go Music here. The 5-track record takes on difficult personal experiences, touching on death and suicide; love and family; all delivered with Ursae’s lyricism and unique vocals.

There is no question on this record on the quality of the melodies Ursae makes throughout his self titled, with ethereal beats that work with his falsetto tone. Tracks such as ‘Song For ____’ is certainly an example of this, with spacey beats and vocals that really make this track stand out. This sound continues with a darker tone on track Epilogue, which finishes the record with what becomes Ursae’s signature sound.

Lyrically strong, with a real emotion throughout these songs, Ursae makes for a thoughtful listen, particularly on tracks such as Likeness, with some great poetry to the song which harmonises with the melodies on this track to perfection. His voice is incredible throughout this EP, each track delivered with incredible power, each song working together until the end – this is pop music at its coolest, with a unique style that works perfectly on this record.

Ursae makes some great tracks on this EP, with a style that makes this EP stand out in so many ways, this record is a sound truly perfected by Ursae, that is well worth a listen. Highlights for me are So Green Her Eyes and Likeness.





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